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Product Descriptions

The Blind Squirrel is always inventing New Products.
The mother of invention is necessity!

  This page is meant to explain what the products are and how they're used. Most are self explanatory, others require tips on the best way to utilize them.

Please Note:
Product Descriptions updated as time permits.

Click each product to view a desciption & how they work!
Please be patient, There's a lot of work till opening...
1) The 1" Rule
2) Rack Attack Beginner
3) Rack Attack Amateur
4) Rack Attack Pro
5) Squirrelly Rack
6) Squirrelly Rack II
7) Squirrelly Sight
8) Squirrelly Bands
9) Squirrelly Customized Bands
10) Squirrelly Jumper
11) Squirrelly Jumper II
12) Squirrelly Jumper III
13) Blind Squirrel Nuts
14) Squirrelly Stroke Trainer
15) Squirrelly Stroke Trainer II
16) Bank-A-Nator
17) Squirrelly Coins
18) Squirrelly Customized Coins
19) Beaten By The Blind Squirrel Coins
20) Squirrelly Pocket Caller
21) Squirrelly Pocket Caller (Customizable)
22) Blind Squirrel T-Shirts
23) Blind Squirrel T-Shirts (Customizable)
24) Portable Lathe Cue Repair
25) Chalk Saver
26) Magnetic Chalk Clip

If you'd like to become a vendor for BSB, send an email with your info (see the "Contact Us" page).
BSB will set a "Vendor Profit Schedule" as time permits.

Thanks for using BSB products!