Blind Squirrel Billiards
Privacy Policy

  At Blind Squirrel Billiards (BSB), we are committed to your privacy.
Any information gathered is ONLY used for Blind Squirrel Billiards business records.

  You information will never be shared with any other organization or business.
You data is yours & private.
  The only time any of your data will ever be used is ONLY with your consent.
(Example: To help promote new memberships, or show how many users like BSB)
  If BSB wants you to show support for our products and wants to use your name/country/state,
you will be contacted and asked for the privilege of using your data.
This don't mean you HAVE to consent, and won't be pressured into consenting.

  Blind Squirrel Billiards wants you to have a pleasant experience with all our products,
whether they are digital, paper or plastic.

User Accounts:
Name/Login/Password is never shared with anyone other than Administrators of the BSB website.
And that is for the sole purpose of validating your information.

Dan Flemming
Blind Squirrel Billiards