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New Products

The Blind Squirrel is always inventing New Products.
The mother of invention is necessity!

  We all look at problems differently, it can be challenging to find a way to make it work & make the product easy to use...
The Blind Squirrel seems to have a knack at solving problems...

    I have so many ideas about billiards products, but I can only focus on a few.
I wouldn't ever get anything done if I don't shut the ideas off!
Everyday I think about new inventions, while working on those ideas I've chosen to develop into prototypes.
    Sometimes I get distracted by those new ideas, but hey, I've gotten started on a website!
I have to turn off the flow of ideas and concentrate on the ones I can get into real prototypes the cheapest & easiest.

Update 03-2022:
I have ALL these products prototyped!
Getting closer to launch!

The last list of things to do is build my own Vacuum Forming Machine for packaging!
I've already started it and have it about 10% complete.

Please Note:
All the links below are valid, they are just turned-off in the shopping cart until I launch world-wide.

Please be patient, There's a lot of work till opening...
1) The 1" Rule
2) Rack Attack Beginner
3) Rack Attack Amateur
4) Rack Attack Pro
5) Squirrelly Rack
6) Squirrelly Rack II
7) Squirrelly Sight
8) Squirrelly Bands
9) Squirrelly Customized Bands
10) Squirrelly Jumper
11) Squirrelly Jumper II
12) Squirrelly Jumper III
13) Blind Squirrel Nuts
14) Squirrelly Stroke Trainer
15) Squirrelly Stroke Trainer II
16) Bank-A-Nator
17) Squirrelly Coins
18) Squirrelly Customized Coins
19) Beaten By The Blind Squirrel Coins
20) Squirrelly Pocket Caller
21) Squirrelly Pocket Caller (Customizable)
22) Blind Squirrel T-Shirts
23) Blind Squirrel T-Shirts (Customizable)
24) Portable Lathe Cue Repair
25) Chalk Saver
26) Magnetic Chalk Clip

Too many ideas flooding my mind, I've got to stop somewhere!
I have working prototypes for all the products shown...
(If you ask, I'll be happy to show them to you)