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Free Billiard Training

Billiard Training.

Welcome to Blind Squirrel Billiards Training
    You will learn how to Masterfully win most of your billiard games, and make it look easy!
Whatever billiard game you like to play, this training encompasses them all!
The exact same knowledge works in "most" circumstances (there are exceptions to the rule).
    There's a saying that "Practice Makes Perfect!".
That is a true statement, but knowing what to do means you don't have to practice as much to play very well!

    This Training is all about guiding you into becoming "The Best Player You Can Be"!
Like any sport that's played, learning "How To Be Successful", has always been the biggest challenge.
I'm telling you "You Will BE Very Successful Playing Billiards", IF you let me teach you!!!

I know how to shoot very well, and have achieved amazing things in the billiard world!
And I continuously create great shots that amaze people!
Now I'm sharing my secrets with you!


Q) Why do I have to register for Phone Apps and/or Free Training?
A) BSB wants you to know when apps and/or products are updated, you will be the 1st to know.
Phone Apps on the BSB website are generally in Beta (30 day trial, for user testing).
Users receive updates about the Beta's progress, and when the App is finished and available for permanent download.
Also how your training is progressing (so BSB can help you & adapt your training if necessary).
You're info will never be sold or shared, period.

Q) Why do I need to use your training products?
A) BSB believes you can learn BEST with a product that you can use that creates instant results, and is easy and fun to use.
This insures you learn the correct way, while instantly making shots more consistently.
Also, it gives you confidence in your new skills!

Q) Does BSB provide personal lessons?
A) If you'd like one-on-one lessons, BSB will arrange that through "Zoom".
Lessons are $35.00 per hour (flat rate) payable in advance through "Cash App".
You will need a Pool Table (personal, or at a local Pool Hall), a Video source (Smart Phone), Cue-Stick & Pool Ball Set.

The most important factor is a wiliness to learn!