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Blind Squirrel Stories

  Everyone has pool stories.

  Pool is just plain easy for me!
It always was.
  I've developed my own style of shooting called "The Poke & Hope".
It's where I "Poke" at the balls and you "Hope" it don't go in, again...
I even designed a T-Shirt to commemorate it, I wear it proudly!
The-Poke-N-Hope T-Shirt Image

  I owe all my pool skills to the methods I developed over the years to practice with.
If you've every watched me shoot, you know I don't even aim, just stroke like it was the easiest shot in the world!
I shoot real fast & my shots just mostly go in...
Pool is plain fun, now it's just down to speed control (great players know what I'm talking about).
If I need it, I can aim, but that's reserved for those times when it's needed...
  Make sure to check you my Free Billiards Training Page, if you think you don't need it, you'll get behind those that do very quick!
Because they will learn to shoot very good, quickly!
It's a No Brain'r!

  Wow, some of these stories are just amazing!
Who'd a thought a Blind Squirrel could pull off shooting like this...
Please note:
  I had to give up a 5-3 race to run-out shooters in the local 9-ball tournament each week!
But still managed to win a lot of them.

  Please try to understand, I was almost BLIND!
No, Really!
I couldn't find an Optometrist that could make a pair of glasses I could see out of!
Yet I could shoot pool pretty darn good...
(in 2019 I finally got my eyes fixed at HF Health by Dr. Tuli)
All but 1 of these stories were before then!

Other Pool Players:
1) A local guy named Saks (A decent shooter from Lake City, Fl) got cocky with me
    thinking "he could shoot" cause I let him build his confidence by "playing my speed" (ha! ha! He had no clue...)
    He started making comments like "he could beat me", "he could play as good as me"...
    Sooooo, I told him (and I quote)
    "You can't even play pool! I can beat you without even trying!
    And to prove it I'll give you 4 games on the wire in a race to 5 (9-ball)!"
    He just laughed and said "Ok! Let's see you try!"
        Beat him 3 times in row, bobbled the 7 or it would have been 4!
    That's 19 straight games before I made a mistake.
    Afterwards, he told me I was one of the best players he'd ever seen...

2) While playing at Jewells (closed now), I was practicing with the guys when one of them pointed out this black guy near the door that wasn't missing a shot.
    Jokingly they laughed and told me to go "try him" (thinking I'd get my butt kicked).
    I did, I opened it up on him and ran like water!
    AND I did the same thing the next 3 times we played (so it wasn't mistaken as "luck").
    His name is Tim, he became a good friend, ask him if he thinks I can play...
More to the story:
    After a few months went by, he was starting having a problem shooting.
    I told him "You're thinking too much, and to prove it, lets play 9-ball on 2 tables at once".
    "Just don't think about the shots, shoot as fast as you can and switch tables".
    After a few racks he started running tables (kicking my butt in the process).
    Just proves a point, many players I see are over thinking and are having difficulties because of it.
    Relax, and shoot!
    It's only speed control you have to adjust.

3) I strolled into Mainstreet Billiards for the weekly 9-ball tournament early (like I always did).
    The tournament director then was a guy we call "Yard-Bird" (also works at Mainstreet Billiards, Gville Fl).
    He got a little "cocky" and stated he wanted the last 4 playing 9-ball, race to 5, for cash!
    I was "in one of those moods", and it ticked me off because he just won the local 9 ball tournament the week before!
    I figured I'd put him in his place, you know, "on the porch with the other puppies"!
    I gave him the last 5 balls, 4 games on the wire in a race to 7 (10-ball) and beat him!
    Needless to say, he jumped on that like a Blind Squirrel that couldn't see!
    The next week I gave it to him again, and beat him 7-5! (he got lucky and made a few balls)
    After that "warm-up", I proceed to beat everyone in the pool hall "FLAT" (8+ people for action), then won the tournament beating everybody "FLAT"!
    I've since given him 3-4 balls and 3-4 wire several times and beat him every time!
    I've even offered to Play The Ghost a race to 5 (for cash) against him, But he was too scared by then to bet against that...
    Sorry Yard Bird! Cats out the bag!

4) This one's just plain funny! (sorry Ray Ray...)
    Mainstreet 9-ball tournament playing a AAA player (pro), race was his 5 to my 4 games (I'm an A player).
    Note: "A" players at Mainstreet have to give good players 5 to 3 race in 9-ball (which is hard to do).
    I beat him while BLIND!
      He's on the hill (at 4 games), I had 2 games.
    I wear contacts and eyes were feeling dry, so I put eye drops into my eyes, but noticed something strange about the eye drops...
    The moisture was almost gone and had turned to "jelly", couldn't see anything except shapes & color.
    Scared I'd ruint my eyes I ran to the restroom and rinsed my eyes thoroughly with water trying to get my eyesight back!
    Could not see anything (like looking through the bottom of 2 coke bottles).
    Told the owner JIM what happened, then told Ray what happened, saying not sure if I can play, but I'd try.
      My break, I broke & ran. (surprised the heck out of me!)
    His break, made a ball but had to "push", pushing me to a jump or 2 rail kick.
The World Famous Blind Jump!
    I jumped the "impossible" shot and ran-out!
    I was laughing so hard, I couldn't believe I just ran 2 racks completely blind!!!
    That's the truth!
    I couldn't even see a person's eyes, nose or mouth at 4 feet away!
    Only a roundish head shape & skin color!
    Stu Fox was playing on the table right beside the table I was playing on (ask him!).
    Stu said he didn't believe a word I was saying, "nobody can run 2 racks without being able to see"...
    Well I did!
    My only explication was my "instinct" took over because I was determined and played my "best game" (I had nothing to lose, I couldn't see anyway!).
    You'd have to be "The Blind Squirrel" to pull of shooting like that!
    I've played him about 15+ times in tournaments, but he's only beat me 2 times...

5) I played Steve Foster (Pro-Level) in the local 9-ball tournament (and told a friend of mine named Lenard I was going to lay down, but show him "I could shoot").
    I broke and made a ball, but only had a "hard" table to play.
    I shot 3 very difficult combo's (back 2 back), then 2 bank shots to get my 1st decent shot at a makeable ball!
    Made the 7, then dumped on the 8, which wasn't a very hard shot (just to show him I could shoot!)
    His comment after the game was... "that was the most amazing run-out I ever seen!"
    Yeah it was, but I didn't tell him I dumped... (guess now he'll know)
    Don't take my word, ask Lenard about it.

6) A local legendary pool hustler named Johnny Ferber (Chicken Man), gave me a compliment after I beat him "flat" 3-4 times in a local 9-ball tournament.
    He said "I'd have a better chance of winning the US Open than beating you in this tournament!"
    Of course he had to give me a 5-3 race against me because he's one of the best "legendary pool hustler's" in the south (and I'm just learning...).
    His best known prodigy is Stevie Moore, the Pro.
    In his favor, not many can beat me with that kind of weight (even when I'm "poking" the balls).
        He couldn't beat me in the tournaments, so he told me he was going to 3 foul me!
    He tried, but he couldn't do it!
    But he found out it's hard to hide The Blind Squirrel cause I can kick, jump and bank with the best of them...
    Oh, I have been 3 foul'd in the past, but I can count the number of players on 4 fingers that have done it!
    And I've had a lot of player's try it! (not saying it can't be done, just ain't gonna be easy)

7) I heard of a local old "hot shot" named Ron Richardson was playing an online pool tournament.
    (Which by the way, was a total shit show! What a mean & spitefully women that ran it...)
    The format was like playing the ghost for points.
    Anyway, I asked him if he wanted to practice playing sets against each other, and he said he did.
    We made a date & time to play at Mainstreet Billiards.
    I arrived and the owner Jim made a comment like "you're in trouble now" playing Ron (at least that's what I "thought I heard)...
    (He might have been telling Ron that about me, who knows).
    We played 5-6 sets, guess I made him rack too many times, cause he asked me if I'd qualify on a different night (so he'd have a chance of getting in the tournaments)!
    Of course I said OK!
    Then I asked him about playing again the next week, but he really didn't want to (I guess it was cause I was making it look too easy!).
       Well, to make a long story short.
    We played 2 more times, but he wouldn't play me again after that! (I wonder why?)

    BUT there's more to the story:
    There was a tall black guy 2 tables down that was "put'n on a show" with his shooting abilities, and Ron said "You should go play that guy".
    (I think he secretly thought I'd get my butt handed to me...)
    I strolled over there and asked him if he wanted to play a few games.
    He said yes "for cash!"
    Sounds good to me!
       We played for about 2 hours.
    He'd run a few racks, then I'd run a few!
    He ran 4-5, and I matched him run-for-run!
    Man, that guy had a stroke!
    I mean, he was shooting that cue-ball around the table like he was a pool god!
    The ball was traveling 3-5 rails after contact.
    He would draw that cue-ball 2-3 rails for shape!     Wham Bam!
    Freak'n great shooter!

     We ended up with me 1 set behind.
    He was from Texas.
    He was in a Trucking Concert Tour, moving the equipment from city-to-city type gig.
    I got his phone # and told him if he was ever back this way to call me for more action.

     He wanted to know if there was other players around that might want to play some sets for $200 or more a set!
    I called a player or two, but no takers...
    Even went by and told Stu (a block away), but he didn't want any part of it either.
    I'm sure I haven't heard to last of him!

8) This is another of my "pool stories".
    Luck is the biggest factor in pool.
    No matter how "good" a player you are, luck can kick you down with ease!
    (Play the ghost everyday, you'll soon see what I mean!)
    Location was in Gainesville, Florida.

         I played in a local tournament a few years ago at the Dugout.
    9-ball race to 2.
a) My 1st set I played Gary Sandlin.
    I got the coin toss and B&R'd.
    His break was dry and I ran his break.
b) 2nd set was Ton, a local asian "hot shot".
    I got the coin toss and B&R'd agian.
    His break was dry and I ran his break too.

Keep track... that's 4 runs back 2 back.

c) 3rd set I don't remember who the player was (really).
    He got the coin toss and broke was dry, I ran his break.
    Then I B&R'd agian.
d) 4th set I played Charlie (Johnny Cole's buddy).
    I got the coin toss and B&R'd.
    He broke dry and I ran down to the 7 and bobbled it.
    He finished the game.
    Then he B&R'd.
    This sent me to the looser's bracket.
e) Trucker (can't recall his name, but knows my game a little now...).
    He got the coin toss & lucked the 9 on me!
    My brake was a 3 ball run to no possible shot!
    He ding'd the 9 in agian!
    I'm out of the tournament and got 4th place! (payout to 3rd!)
    To recap... I ran 7 tables back-to-back, missed 1 ball and got 4th place?
    What the heck?
    Ain't been back to play there since, what's the use?
    Tables are decent, and the pockets are big (anybody can run on them!).
    I heard they are starting the Monday Night 9-ball tournaments again.
    That's what made me think about my last tournament there.

9) A local guy started hanging around with me shooting pool.
    He'd come to my house and play, he actually started making some progress potting balls.
    Well like most that I play DOWN to, he started thinking he could play...
    Even started learning to "Hop" (jumping, by darting the ball), refused to learn jumping (cause hopping worked fair and was easier for him).
    He starts getting cocky!
    I put him back on the porch with the other puppies!
    It "really pissed him off"!
    Cause he quit hanging with me...
        It ain't my fault he can't shoot!
    But it might be my fault because I rubbed his it in his face! HA! HA! HA!

    The last straw was a ring game.
    Now, people that play me can tell you I can hide the ball without even trying!
    It's like a side effect of my shot!
    I've played safeties so long, it's become natural part of my shot!
    It happens without even trying!
        Well, it started happening in this ring game.
    And he started whining like a bitch!
    He quit and broke up the game and wouldn't speak to me again!
    If I knew that was all it took, I'd have done it many months before!!!

    Learn to play pool instead of blaming everyone else for you lack of skill!

Please Note:
    I'm NOT going to apologize for players that can't shoot!
If they are willing to learn...

    Ask anyone that knows me, I ALWAYS give tips and try to educate other players when I see they need a little coaching.
It's NOT because I'm trying to belittle them, it's because I truly think my advise will help them!!!
And That's what I'm About...

Jump Shots:
a) I have a decent Jump-Shot, I DON'T use chalk at all (since Oct. 2019).
    But I've got a secret!
    And it shows in my jumping abilities!
    I have to give ALL the credit for my Jumping Abilities to and invention I call "The Squirrelly Jumper"!
    Those that have seen it in action, know of what I speak!!
    This devise gave me the knowledge & confidence to make "Unbelievable Jump Shots!"
    I've used it in many of the local weekly & Amateur/Pro events in Florida.
    People give me compliments all the time about my jumping ability, even other teams I've played in a weekly BCA style 8 ball league.
    You know you're on-to-something "special" when the WHOLE opponent team comes over, shakes your hand while giving you compliments about your shooting abilities!
These are re-demonstration's of a few Jump-Shots I made in league play:
Long Jump Shot
Jump Bank
Hop Jump
Jump with shape to win!

So... Don't Quarrel With The Squirrel!     (You Can Get the T-Shirt Too!)

  I have made so many incredible jump shots since I invented The Squirrelly Jumper!
I have to give it all the credit for my Jumping Abilities, it's a true teaching tool!
Give it a try!
I couldn't jump at all, but The Squirrelly Jumper changed all that...
And it will for you too!

These are a few examples of my jumping Abilities:
Jumping without chalk is easy!
Incredibly Long & hard Jump!
Again, The World Famous Blind Jump!
Short hop towards rail!
Amateur 9-ball event, sick jump!

My Jump-Stick Modification Video:
    A friend was complaining about NOT being able to jump with his jump stick.
I told him I could modify it so he could jump with ease.
I let him try jumping with my Jump-Stick and he wanted me to fix it like I did mine...
    This is the video I made AFTER my modification.
I guess I do have a secret after all!
If you'd like your Jump-Stick Modified send me an email, I'll send you a link to my Modification Video.

Pool Tournaments:
1) Memorial to a Crybaby.
    (Make sure to read my facebook posts about this event below in red/green)
        I'm playing in a local pool tournament in Gainesville, Florida.
    I had to give up a 5-3 race to everyone there (most are capable of running a rack or 2 at any given time).
    I draw "The Professor" (Blake) and we flip for the brake.
    I won, broke & ran out, his brake was dry, ran out his turn too.
        By this time he was crying like a baby cause his mommy took his tit away!
    He was trying to get me thrown out of the tournament cause I was shutting him down & making him look bad!

        Soooo, I thought I'd show-off a little and "let it all hang-out".
    I had a shot that was the 1st "almost impossible" shot I had to draw 2-rails for shape.
    I made the shot, got perfect shape and ran out again!
    You should have heard him whining and pitching a fit!
    He was hollering that I shouldn't be allowed to play in the tournament, and I should be playing "with the big boys"!
    I turned to him and said LOUDLY "I thought I was playing with the big Boys!"
    I heard a few people in the background bust out laughing! (I would suppose at his stupid, childish behavior)
    By then I was determined to "put him in his place", you know, "under the porch", NOT on it with the big puppies!

        Then another shot came up that was similar to the other "impossible shape" shot.
    This is the 2nd "impossible shot", this time I had to top-spin 4-rails to get between my next object-ball and another ball.
    Another "perfect shot & shape", BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! I ran out again!
    I broke & ran down to the 3rd "Impossible Shot" when I back-banked the 9 in the side and stuck my hand out before the 9-ball zoomed into the pocket!
        You should have seen the look on his face!
    That was "A Kodak Moment"!
    And I'll NEVER let him live it down...
        I wear the Cry Baby T-Shirt everywhere!
    And I always tell the story that created it when someone tells me they really like my t-shirt!
    We are Friends (at least he acts like we are), and we talk and play every now and then, but he'll think twice before making a scene like the again.

Click to see the Cry Baby T-Shirt

This is the story I posted on my facebook page:
This happened a few weeks ago (2019).
Setup #1 of 3.
I was playing "THE PROFESSOR" at Main Street in their 9-Ball tournament when this, the 1st of 3 shots came up...
I'm shooting the 5, but was straight on it (dead straight).
I threw the 5 ball out of angle to draw backwards & upwards to get perfect shape on the 6.
Click here to see the 1st "Impossible Shape" shot.

By perfect, I mean absolutely perfect!
And ran out the rest of the balls.

Easy peasy right?
I'm sure this is what "got him going".

Setup #2 of 3.
Same situation, only a much harder shot.
You guessed it, perfect shape and ran out.
A little more "feedback" from the Prof.
This was my 4th game in a row I won, and was now on the hill!
Click here to see the 2nd "Impossible Shape" shot!
Oh... it gets better!!!

Setup #3 of 3.
It was a 5 to 3 race 9-Ball.
I broke & ran to here...
Click here to see the 3rd Impossible Shot, a backward bankshot in the side to win.
He was bitching & crying like someone stole his candy!!!
I was laughing so hard I could barely breath!
I actually looked sideways at him (he was standing to the right side of the table), when I one stroked this shot and stuck out my hand as the 9-Ball was zooming into the pocket!!!
I slammed that ball as hard as I could hit it, just to show him it wasn't a fluke beating him.
I was laughing sooooo hard...
He was crying about I should be playing with the BIG BOYS (what? I thought I was!!!)
I'm not going to let him forget that set anytime soon!

I just had to say it...
(you know what I mean)

Hey Prof.
If you learn how to shoot you won't spend as much time crying about people that can!!!

I like him, and he's a decent enough player, but sometimes the "Blind Squirrel" has to put them in their place!
Lol Prof.

    2) Jacksonville, BankShots Tournament:
    I'm playing a friend that's my ranking, race to 7, 9-ball.
    He's running like water.
    6-0, he's on the hill and breaking!!
    I mutter something like Mother %$*# this is bull shit...
    He breaks and scratches?
    I'm actually going to get a shot?
        I setup a 1 to 9 combo, which is almost an impossible shot...
    A 90+- degree shot on the 9 to a 60+- degree pocket, what more could you want in an easy-peasy shot?
    I fire it in clean!
    I ran out!
        Ok, I know what you're thinking, that's the end of me.
    But I ran like water & jumped like a pool wizard!
    I won 7-6!!
        I was laughing so hard, and I know it pissed my friend off, but I couldn't help it!
    I just pulled off the biggest upset ever!
    I think I got into the money that tournament too.

    Never give up, no matter how bleak it looks, things can turn your way in an instant!!!

    3) Gainesville, Mainstreet Tournament:
    I had to give up 5-3 to run-out players.
    In my 1st match my opponent gets lucky and makes the 9 early 3 times!
    You have seen it before! Dink! Ding! Ding! You're out!
    It kind of pissed me off, cause they can't beat me unless they get "lucky".
    I ran through the rest of the tournament without giving up a game!
    I was on fire!
    I couldn't miss!
    You could see it in their eyes, they were scared!!!
    Their game showed it too!
    Won the tournament in Blind Squirrel fashion...

        4) I asked a friend I've gambled with for 15 years, why don't we play No-Lucky-Lucky 10-ball?
    He said I can't beat you unless I can get some luck going my way!
    I never asked again...

    When I Get more time...

Many more stories soon, so check back often...